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A 17-year old girl had forgotten most of the past 2 years of her life after a tick bite left her paralyzed, barely able to move. She became seriously ill and developed tick-borne disease – an illness not recognized or treated by doctors in Australia.

‘I do remember the dog walk and remember finding the tick on my back, but I don’t remember the years after that because it was a pretty quick downward fall,’ she said.

‘I couldn’t tell you how I coped with it or what I did to occupy my time because it’s a blank slate. In my mind I’m 14, but I’m 17 now.’

Eventually, after seeing multiple doctors, her mother made a breakthrough discovery about her daughters condition, and sought treatment offshore at Cyprus. It was only then that Danica received the necessary treatments and therapies that made a radical difference to her health.

Her mother, Mrs McDougall has urged the Australian government to raise awareness about this illness and to provide treatment to other victims.

‘The government has refused to recognize Lyme or support patients with care as they have put it in the too hard basket. How long are they going to ignore us?’, she said.

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Please Note: While there is no evidence that Lyme disease exists in Australia, further research is needed to understand tick-borne disease in this country.