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We Get Rid of Ticks

Do not let your children or yourself get bitten by ticks….

TickSafe and The Mozzie Team provide the Gold Standard in Tick and mosquito control for your garden or outdoor area, including paralysis ticks.

Australian Paralysis Tick - Ixodes Holocyclus, female

Australian Paralysis Tick – Ixodes Holocyclus, female

If you, your children or pet has been bitten and affected by a tick you have every reason to worry; you already know that the consequences can be severe. But, you may not realise that the very small ticks sometimes called “grass ticks” or “seed ticks” are in fact juvenile Australian Paralysis Ticks. These will rapidly grow to adult size at which point they’re at their most dangerous and will then lay up to 10,000 eggs before they die.

At TickSafe we have developed a targeted and carefully integrated approach that will immediately rid your outdoor areas of ticks using fully approved products and specialised equipment that will eliminate ticks at all stages of their life cycle.

Are your treatments safe for my family and pets and what will you be using?

Key Safety Points

  • The products we use are water based and biodegradable.
  • They are very low in toxicity to all mammals including people and household pets. Also safe around chickens and birds.
  • They are less toxic than many household cleaning products.
  • They are used extensively by Australian farmers in food production.
  • They are fully approved for use in and around homes, schools and restaurants.
  • Our larvae treatment is approved by the World Health Organisation.
  • We are accredited by the NSW Environment Protection Agency.

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But....I didn’t think you could do anything to get rid of ticks from a garden!

100% wrong! We will give you back your garden with the highly specialised approach that we’ve developed. Our process immediately eliminates active ticks and continues to kill new ticks as they hatch for months to come. Our regular, scheduled visits mean that we break their breeding cycle and continue to kill new ticks that arrive in your garden. For most gardens that means just two treatments a year. We’ll let you know when it’s due and you don’t need to be home when we come. All products we use are approved and registered for professional use with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

When’s the best time of year to get my garden treated?

You can start treatment at any time of the year and the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see tick numbers plummet in your garden. It’s important to understand that ticks do not conform to a set life cycle “calendar” throughout the year. Ticks from all three stages of their life cycle, and their eggs, can be present in your garden right across the year. However, the largest numbers of juvenile ticks will be there in autumn, with the middle phase, called “nymphs”, peaking in winter and the adult numbers peaking through spring and summer. The life cycle of a tick averages 12 to 14 months and their eggs can take up to 6 months to hatch depending on conditions. read more

These factors are a big advantage in helping us to treat your garden because you don’t have to wait for a certain time of year to begin your TickSafe treatment. It also helps explain why repeat treatments are essential. One extra fact: A tick’s eggs have an impervious waxy coating. However, our treatment keeps working for several months before it bio-degrades, so as tick eggs hatch, these new juveniles will be killed, along with newly arrived ticks from outside, provided your treatments are up to date.

What is your "Treat the Street" programme all about?

Treat the Street is our programme that offers you and your neighbours a 15% discount on TickSafe and The Mozzie Team services when we treat more than one home in your immediate neighbourhood at the same time. Because ticks and, especially, mozzies are very mobile, you’ll make an even greater impact on their numbers in your neighbourhood if neighbours band together to have all their gardens treated at once. When you contact us to have your garden treated we’ll tell you more and ask you to tell your neighbours about TickSafe and The Mozzie Team ASAP, so they can book in, too.

What is the Seasol fertiliser option you offer?

Almost every keen gardener knows the benefits of Seasol. It’s made in Australia of sustainably harvested sea kelp and is a complete garden health product rich in plant nutrients and trace elements. It’s safe for all plants, including natives, and lawns love it! We can add Seasol to the liquid solution that we’ll be using to rid your garden of ticks. The coverage that we achieve using our high volume, powered equipment means every plant in your garden will receive a rich dose of this acclaimed plant food that you simply couldn’t do yourself. Also available as a standalone service without treating ticks – find out more and see videos here.

What happens on the day of our TickSafe treatment...?

Matthew, Aaron or Simon will arrive on time and thoroughly assess your garden before we get started. Each of our small team are friendly, helpful and knowledgable, thoroughly trained, fully licensed and insured and will be happy to answer your questions. We will then use powered equipment with the right combination of products to ensure we treat every part of your garden at the correct rate.

How long does it take for the treatment to start working?

Our treatment starts working immediately. Within two hours of us finishing, the overwhelming majority of ticks, including paralysis ticks, will be killed; and because it keeps on working long after we’ve been, any ticks that subsequently hatch out or arrive from elsewhere will be knocked out before they get the chance to bother you. Importantly, we’ll schedule your follow up treatments to ensure your garden stays protected and to help break the tick breeding cycle. Without follow ups, the effectiveness of your treatment will rapidly tail off after six months allowing ticks to re-infest your garden.

What does a tick treatment cost?

We unequivocally provide the best, most thorough and effective tick control treatment available in Sydney; as such we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our costs and we know you’ll be very pleased with the result! As every garden varies in size, terrain and density of vegetation we’ll give you an individual, free quote by phone or email once you get in touch. We will need your property’s address so we can use online mapping technology to assess your garden.

Is there any chance we’ll get a tick bite after you treat our garden?

Our track record on eradicating ticks from gardens is unrivalled. Quite simply, our customers don’t get ticks in their gardens after we’ve been. See our testimonials page. (make that a link) However, please remember that while TickSafe will give your garden the most thorough tick eradication treatment available, anytime that you, your family and pets visit any other outdoor place, even briefly, you may be bitten by ticks. If you have ticks in your garden then it is a certainty that neighbour’s gardens, grassy nature strips, nearby parks, school playgrounds, ovals, bushland, and walking tracks around you will also have ticks. Needless to say, almost everyone, their kids and their pets are often in places like these, even if only briefly. read more

This is why our Treat the Street programme makes such good sense! A tick will transfer itself from foliage onto a person or animal in the time it takes you to brush past the leaf it’s sitting on. It then spends up to two hours crawling around your skin, finding a place to bite. You then often won’t even notice it for another one to two days until it starts to swell. If you find a tick on you, your child or pet, you must ask where have they been in the last 48 hours. We strongly suggest that you use insect repellent containing either DEET or Picaridin when visiting such places and then check your skin afterwards for ticks.

Please click here for more information about tick behaviour, first aid for tick bites and more.