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Ticks & Mozzies

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Tick Safe & The Mozzie Team provide the Gold Standard in tick and mosquito control for your garden or outdoor area, including paralysis ticks.

Helping Northern Sydney since 2015

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We get rid of ticks

Do not let your children or yourself get bitten by ticks…

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We get rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are worse than just annoying. Don’t risk it!

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If you’re planning an outdoor event, call us!

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Safety Features

Water Based & Bio-degradable

The synthetic pyrethroids we use are less toxic than many ordinary household products you probably use yourself – and that’s before we dilute them with water at specified rates!

Low Toxicity to People & Animals

The product we use to control mosquito larvae is so low in toxicity that the World Heath Organisation have approved its use in human drinking water.

Fully approved for use in homes, schools & gardens

Our products are fully approved and registered for controlling ticks and mosquitoes in household gardens by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA).

What People Say

With this warm, wet weather biting midges (sandflies) have been very active and some of the children have been experiencing bites, particularly on their legs. However, we have been extremely lucky to have sourced “Tick Safe and The Mozzie Team” who specialise in the treatment of mosquitoes, midges and ticks. They very kindly came into the pre-school this Sunday and did the first of three treatments to help minimise this problem. They did a midge/mosquito and tick treatment as we have had several tick bites at the pre-school via the bushlands. I would highly recommend the use of this company. They have been very thorough and obliging in helping us out very efficiently.

Lisa KardachiDirector, East Lindfield Community Pre-School

In the past we’ve had a real problem with ticks in our garden. We have a fairly substantial yard with lovely bushes and plants around the perimeter and unfortunately after being out there we were finding small grass ticks and even larger paralysis ticks on ourselves, our grand kids and even our son’s dog! We really needed a solution and the gentlemen from Tick Safe and the Mozzie team were recommended to us, so we thought we’d try them out. Well since they’ve been through we haven’t found a tick anywhere in our yard. The grandkids have been playing all summer long and we’re very relieved to say it’s been tick free. Simon and Aaron we’re very punctual, efficient and polite and they explained the process in great detail. They assured us that our veggies would be totally unaffected by the treatment and this was very important to us. We would definitely recommend them and will certainly be getting them back for our next treatment.

Fred and MariaForestville NSW

Mozzies have always been a problem at our place and unfortunately they seem to be particularly attracted to our daughters who have really bad reactions to the bites.
So when we heard about Tick Safe & the Mozzie Team we were keen to give it a go … and quite frankly we haven’t looked back.
Since getting regular treatments, every 21 days, there are virtually no mozzies and now we can use our outdoor entertaining area without smothering the kids in yucky insect repellent. And on top of that Simon and Aaron are a very efficient and completely professional team.
If any household is having issues with mozzies I would strongly encourage regular treatments by Tick Safe and the Mozzie Team … the results are totally impressive.

Rani and TimRoseville NSW