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Do not let your children or yourself get bitten by ticks….

TickSafe and The Mozzie Team provide the Gold Standard in Tick and mosquito control for your garden or outdoor area, including paralysis ticks.

Australian Paralysis Tick – Ixodes Holocyclus, female

If you, your children or pet has been bitten and affected by a tick you have every reason to worry; you already know that the consequences can be severe.


The life cycle of a tick

But, you  may not realise that the very small ticks sometimes called “grass ticks” or “seed ticks” are in fact juvenile Australian Paralysis Ticks.


The life stages of ticks.

These will rapidly grow to adult size at which point they’re at their most dangerous and will then lay up to 10,000 eggs before they die

At TickSafe we have developed a targeted and carefully integrated approach that will immediately rid your outdoor areas of ticks using fully approved products and specialised equipment that will eliminate ticks at all stages of their life cycle.

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Safest way to remove ticks

Watch this short video from Tick Safe that clearly demonstrates the safest way to remove ticks.