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Who doesn’t have childhood memories of summer mozzie bites and outdoor events ruined by mosquitoes? But increasing cases of serious mosquito-borne diseases like Ross River Virus right here in Sydney is the real reason you should get rid of mozzies around your place.

TickSafe and the Mozzie Team have brought world’s best practice for suburban mosquito control to Sydney. We provide a specialised barrier protection treatment that will reduce the number of mosquitoes around your house and garden by over 90%. It kills mosquitoes on contact then keeps on working for weeks to come! The Mozzie Team know all about mosquito behaviour and will expertly target areas where they feed, hide and breed. Our standard service includes your first comprehensive treatment then includes two more scheduled top-up visits each spaced four weeks apart; three treatments in total. This schedule is essential to keep mosquitoes at bay, and importantly, break their breeding cycle. We’ll also use our fish safe treatment in water features, ponds and other breeding areas to stop mosquito larvae from developing and we’ll offer you ideas on other things you can do to help reduce mozzies.

Are your treatments safe for my family and pets and what will you be using?

  • The products we use are water based and biodegradable.
  • They are very low in toxicity to all mammals including people and household pets. Also safe around chickens and birds.
  • They are less toxic than many household cleaning products.
  • They are used extensively by Australian farmers in food production.
  • They are fully approved for use in and around homes, schools and restaurants.
  • Our larvae treatment is approved by the World Health Organisation.
  • We are accredited by the NSW Environment Protection Agency.

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But....I didn’t think you could do anything to get rid of mosquitoes from a garden!

100% wrong! Our targeted process will quickly eliminate active mosquitoes and continue to kill new mozzies as they arrive. You will enjoy a big reduction in mozzie numbers throughout your house and garden! What’s more, we’ll target areas where mosquitoes breed, treating those areas to stop larval development. We’ll also offer you tips and ideas on other things you can do to help reduce mozzies at your place. Your pre-scheduled monthly top-ups are necessary to maintain protection throughout the mozzie season so you can get on with enjoying the season a whole lot more.

What is your “Treat the Street” programme all about?

Treat the Street is our programme that offers you and your neighbours a 15% discount on TickSafe and The Mozzie Team services when we treat more than one home in your immediate neighbourhood at the same time. Because ticks and, especially, mozzies are very mobile, you’ll make an even greater impact on their numbers in your neighbourhood if neighbours band together to have all their gardens treated at once. When you contact us to have your garden treated we’ll tell you more and ask you to tell your neighbours about TickSafe and The Mozzie Team ASAP, so they can book in, too.

What happens on the day of our Mozzie Team treatment...?

Our team will arrive and thoroughly assess your garden before we get started. Each of our small team are friendly, helpful and knowledgable, thoroughly trained, fully licensed and insured and will be happy to answer your questions. We will then use specialised, powered equipment with the right products to ensure we treat all the places that mosquitoes rest, feed and breed. Your Mozzie Team specialist will always adhere to our established guidelines to deliver accuracy, thoroughness and safety. If we’re treating your property for ticks as well we’ll do it while we’re there. You’re free to go back into your garden as soon as the treatment has dried – usually after an hour or so. If there’s bad weather on the day we may need to re-schedule with you.

Is every house and garden suitable for a mozzie treatment?

The short answer is no. There are several factors that will influence the effectiveness of our treatment for your house and garden. In simple terms our mosquito barrier treatment will be most effective for freestanding homes with well established gardens. Beneath decks, patio areas, pool cabana areas and other outdoor living structures all provide ideal mozzie habitat; these combined with a leafy garden set the scene for the very best results. We can certainly treat homes such as townhouses, units and semis but we recommend that you get the adjoining residents or body corporate to have us treat their parts of the overall property at exactly the same time. Talk to us about this for more advice.

Why do you need to re-treat our place every four weeks?

Because mosquitoes are most active during the warmer months, and this is also the time you want to enjoy your outdoor areas, it’s definitely the time you want our Mozzie Team doing their best work. That’s why our comprehensive initial treatment includes your first three visits from us, spaced at four week intervals, which is acknowledged to be world’s best practice for suburban mosquito control. Our treatment has a strong residual quality on the surfaces where mozzies rest and feed during the day. We lightly coat all of these areas at a precise rate – then, when mosquitoes rest there they receive a lethal dose.
However, we only use properly approved products that are fully bio-degradable and break down with sunlight, so, after four weeks their effect rapidly starts to “tail off” especially in sunny areas; read more
this is the danger zone when mosquitoes start to develop resistance as stronger individuals continue to breed passing their genes to the next generation. Add to this the fact that our products create a more thorough residual barrier with every subsequent application – a bit like giving multiple coats of oil to timber decking to make it last and you see why your repeat visits will give you the very best result. Customers who don’t continue with repeat treatments during mozzie season will see mosquito numbers rising again rapidly. Many people opt for our “season pass” to keep their house and garden mozzie free all year round. Ask us how!

What does your mozzie barrier treatment cost?

Our mosquito control treatment is on par with the very best of it’s type anywhere in the world, reducing mosquito numbers by more than 90%, so we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price! Some homes and gardens will vary depending on size when it comes to our mosquito barrier treatment, but as a guide, the standard cost of a mozzie treatment for most homes works out at about $149 as part of a scheduled summer treatment programme. We’ll give you a free quote by phone or email but we’ll need your property’s address so we can use online mapping technology to assess your garden first.