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Total Garden Seasol Treatment

Nourish every plant in your garden from the lawn to the trees….while we’re there!
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Imagine how your garden will burst with vigour after our Seasol treatment!

Almost every keen gardener knows the benefits of Seasol. It’s certified organic and Australian made from sustainably harvested sea kelp and is a complete garden health product rich in plant nutrients and trace elements. It’s safe for all plants, including natives, and lawns love it! Seasol is especially effective when used directly onto foliage as it’s absorbed through the leaves. Seasol promotes healthy roots, encourages beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulates flowering and fruiting and helps plants to cope with stresses like heat, drought, frost and pest and disease attack. When we treat for ticks we target the foliage of every plant in your garden which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to add Seasol at the same time. We also offer our Seasol treatment as a stand alone service for any garden. The coverage that we achieve using our high volume, powered equipment means every plant in your garden will receive a rich dose of this famous plant food in a way that you simply couldn’t do yourself. Watch this video to find out more about how good Seasol really is.

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We don’t have a tick or mozzie problem - can we still get your Seasol treatment?

Absolutely you can! We offer our Seasol treatment for any garden whether you combine it with a treatment for ticks or not.

When’s the best time to treat my garden with Seasol?

Seasol can be applied all year round, even in winter and at the height of summer. Whenever it’s used it will give your garden a wonderful boost of nutrients.

Why wouldn’t I just do it myself?

When TickSafe and the Mozzie Team treat your garden with Seasol we use our specialised, high volume, powered equipment that constantly agitates the mix for application consistency. We are quickly and effectively able to coat the foliage of every plant in your garden from down on the lawn to several metres up into trees and shrubs – we even coat the undersides of the leaves. Imagine trying to do that yourself with a watering can or a plastic pump spray bottle!

How often should I get you to treat my garden with Seasol?

That really depends on you! Seasol can be used as frequently as fortnightly if you want truly amazing results. Most of our tick treatment customers choose to add Seasol with each repeat visit. Some of our very keen gardeners get their gardens Seasol treated once a month! Talk to us about scheduling your Seasol treatments in a way that specifically suits you and your garden.

Tell me more about giving a Seasol treatment as a gift ?

Could there be a more unique gift to give a garden loving friend? Imagine their delight when you tell them that you’re getting every inch of their garden treated with Seasol in a way they could never manage themselves. Just as you might buy a friend a gift voucher or a day spa treatment, you can book in our Seasol treatment for their garden. We’ll liaise with them to confirm a suitable time while you sit back and wait to hear how their garden is flourishing!

Is Seasol safe around kids and pets?

Yes it is. Seasol is certified organic and is made from all natural sea kelp sustainably harvested from the ocean. It is 100% Australian made and owned and based in Tasmania. Seasol works wonders on vegetable gardens, too – but, of course you should always wash any food crops before eating them.

What does your Seasol treatment cost?

Every garden is different and varies in size, terrain and density of vegetation. We provide an individual, free quote by phone or email once you get in touch. We will need your property’s address so we can use online mapping technology to assess your garden. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our costs and we know you’ll be very pleased with the result!

When you choose to add Seasol to any tick treatment we’re doing for you we offer a big discount. As a guide, adding our Total Garden Seasol Treatment when we treat the average sized garden for ticks costs just $49 more.