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Image source: Friends of Koalas, Li

Alison Patterson of Northern Star has detailed the effects of tick bites on the koala population within Australia.

The article sources key insights from Murdoch University researcher Dr Amanda Barbosa who has studied 168 koalas currently undergoing treatment for trauma or illness.

“Dr Barbosa studied the ticks and blood samples collected from the koalas and, using a new methodology that allows scientists to simultaneously detect DNA sequences of multiple parasite species, made a surprising discovery.

“For the first time, we were able to identify mixed infections with up to five different species of the parasite called Trypanosoma, within the same koala,” she said.

“This is important because it gives a clearer picture of the diverse nature of parasites that potentially contribute to disease in our koala populations.” ” – Source: Northern Star

To read the full article, click the link here

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