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Image source: Manly Daily/Daily Telegraph

Julie Cross of Manly Daily has recently discussed the effects of warmer weather on ticks across the northern beaches, with expert commentary on the decline in the frequency of tick bites.

From the article, which can be read in full by clicking the link here:

Professor Sheryl van Nunen said she had been seeing fewer people with tick anaphylaxis than normal due to the lack of rain.

“We had a very wet autumn which helped boost tick numbers,” she said.

“Ticks are terribly reliant on humidity and very sensitive to dryness.

“It’s great that we’ve had such dry weather, which I hope is helping to kill off some ticks.”

It’s essential to prepare your outdoor areas for ticks as we head into the warmer months when yourself and your family will be spending more time in your garden for leisure and entertainment purposes.

To discuss your garden or outdoor areas and how to manage ticks, visit or call 1300 842 572 to discuss with a member of the TickSafe team today.

TickSafe & The Mozzie Team