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On November 7th, Annetta Konstantinides of the Daily Mail detailed the near-death experience of Billy, a Northern Rivers child who suffered a severe reaction to a tick bite this month.

The article details:

“‘The doctor said Billy will be living with a life-threatening allergy, and that we really need to make sure that he is not bitten by a tick again,’ she said.
This was the fourth time Billy had been bitten by a tick, and the family realised each time his reaction had been worse and worse.
‘The first tick, there was no trouble, second tick no trouble. With the third tick, he had a tiny one in his head and his face became extremely swollen,’ Suzy recalled.
‘We removed it and his face went back to normal. The fourth tick was this time. His reaction to ticks has grown in intensity to become anaphylaxis.'”

To read the full article, please click the link here

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