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The Aussie tick season has arrived early this year, with a spike in allergies from tick bites.

In the Northern Beaches of Sydney, meat allergies as a result of tick bites are now greater than peanut allergies, with more than 1,000 known cases.

Dr Cindy Pan told Channel 7’s Sunrise;

“Its only a recent phenominum, the idea that people can be allergic to meat is unusual.”

“10% of mammalian meat allergy can have allergies from food that isn’t meat, from meat derivatives such as dairy, and gelatine. One lady from the northern beaches who is vegetarian, consumed peanuts from China that were sprayed with a meat spray, and suffered an allergic reaction as a result.”

“It can be a tricky one to diagnose so its important to raise awareness about the potential risks of tick bites.”

Prevention is always better than a cure, so get in touch with us at TickSafe to get your garden and home treated for ticks, particularly now that the season has well and truely arrived!

Equally important is to make sure you have read up on best practises on how to treat a tick bite, check out our tips on first aid for a tick bite.