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Life Cycle Of A Tick Source: Wikimedia Commons

  1. Ticks have have 4 stages in their life cycle: egg, larval, nymph and finally, adult.
  2. After eating a blood meal from a host animal, a larval tick (which has 6 legs) will drop off the host and move into the nymph phase of life with 8 legs
  3. While you can find ticks all year round, winter is nymph tick season!
  4. Nymphs ticks are more dangerous because they may contain alpha-gal from their recent animal feeding
  5. You could contract mammalian meat allergy from a nymph tick bite from this alpha-gal.
  6. Nymph ticks require the protein from another blood meal to grow a new shell and move into adult phase.
  7. Adult females will need another blood meal to grow and lay eggs.

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