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4-year-old Harrison Down did not expect that a fun afternoon picnic at their lawn would end up with him covered in 37 ticks. The horror did not end there, as his mother also caught 40 ticks, which they only noticed after using a magnifying glass.

A few days later, both Harrison and his mom went to see a doctor after experiencing severe itchiness. Despite the several symptoms they were suffering, the doctor dismissed the idea that they had any tick-borne disease, saying: “Don’t be silly there’s nothing like that here (in Australia).”

As the years passed, Harrison’s health deteriorated and only got worse. He was not only affected physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Determined not to let the unknown illness destroy their lives, Harrison’s parents jumped from one doctor to another, until they finally found the answer later.

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Image: Myriams-Fotos|Pixabay.

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