Treat the street - Tick Safe and the Mozzie Team From Sean Dixon to Everyone: (08:50 am) 

Treat the street


Treat the Street is our programme that offers you and your close neighbours a 15% discount on TickSafe and The Mozzie Team services when we treat more than one home in your immediate neighbourhood at the same time. In the same way that there’s far less risk of an outbreak of disease in a school if all the children there are immunised, you will make a far greater impact on the numbers of ticks and mosquitoes in your neighbourhood when neighbours band together to have all their gardens treated at once. Remember, mozzies fly over considerable areas and ticks are very mobile too, so you’ll get even better results and far better protection from tick and mosquito borne diseases if the gardens surrounding yours are also treated. When you contact us to have your garden treated we’ll tell you more and ask you to tell your neighbours about TickSafe and The Mozzie Team ASAP, so they can book in, too. Please share our website with them now via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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