About - Tick Safe and the Mozzie Team From Sean Dixon to Everyone: (08:50 am) 


van3About TickSafe and the Mozzie Team

Tick Safe and the Mozzie Team is a fully Australian, family owned business that was first started by two dads from tick infested parts of Northern Sydney. Having seen their own kids, partners, pets, neighbours and themselves regularly troubled by severe tick and mosquito bite reactions and dis-satisfied with the common belief that there’s nothing you can do about ticks and mozzies they started some serious homework. They discovered that ticks and mozzies in gardens could be very well managed with the right approach. TickSafe and the Mozzie Team then evolved following extensive research and a lot of work. Along the way they engaged the expertise of some of Australia’s leaders in their fields; consulting with top level medical entomologists and specialists from the world of agriculture and science. Extensive testing and trialling plus the completion of formal training and licensing were all essential to the process. Our innovative approaches, that are based on thoroughly removing existing ticks and mozzies while also breaking their breeding cycles is the key to what TickSafe do to ensure we developed as an effective, sustainable and singularly professional operation across Sydney and beyond.